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CJS Rockin The 70's 2018$ 85.00
Class Reunion Dinner/Dance
When:10/13/2018 Saturday 8:00 PM
Where:The Hanover Manor 16 Eagle Rock Avenue East Hanover NJ 07936
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Adrianne Surgeon
Adrianne Ziyad
Arnold Lawson
Bruce Hueg
Debbie Robinson-Jones
Debra Van (Bralla)
Deeidre Thpmpson-Porter
Donna Glover
Elaine Castoro
Fateen Ziyad
George Capasso
John Alford
John Castoro
Laura Cowburn ((Fischbeck))
Laurie Schreibman
Mary Reyes
Susan Williams Ippolito
Theresa Alford
Willie Glover
Total 21